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* Added Post / Pages Order and Sort Support! *

WP Featured Content Slider is a very powerful WordPress Slideshow. You can feature as many Posts and Pages as you want. You can define a picture for every single post/page which will then be automatically cropped to the right resolution. WP-Featured Content Slider comes with a great option set. You can even define sliding effects such as „fade“ or „slideRight“ and many more. Furthermore you can adjust timeout and many Layout and Design Options. Inserting Posts/Pages to WP-Featured Content Slider is as easy as you can imagine. Simply choose „Feature in WP-Featured Content Slider“ when editing a post/page.


Install the Plugin automatically via WordPress Plugin Installation Area or download the newest version of the Plugin right below, extract the files and upload them to your wp-content/plugins folder.

  1. Download newest version from below
  2. Extract and upload to your wp-content/plugins folder
  3. Activate the plugin in WP-Admin
  4. Insert following PHP Snippet in your template file
    <?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-featured-content-slider/content-slider.php');?>
  5. Or you can use [featslider] as a placeholder in your Post/Page to insert the Slideshow
  6. Now Edit a Post or a Page and scroll down to „WP-Featured Content Slider Options“ which should be right below your Editor
  7. Choose „Feature in WP-Featured Content Slider“ and set an Featured Image („Feature Image“ when Editing Post/Page)
  8. Now save the post/page and have a look at your Slideshow!
  9. The image will be automatically cutted so that it fits the Slideshow (No need for timthumb anymore – Version 2.1)
  10. You can adjust Settings, Layout under Settings – WP-Featured Content Slideshow


view DEMO



Thumbnails are being generated automatically via wordpress built-in functionality. There is no need to support timthumb anymore. If you are already using the plugin with images, you will need to regenerate thumbnails (regenerate thumbnails plugin). If you are customizing image-size you will need to regenerate as well!

Enjoy this new Slideshow WordPress Plugin

Dieses Plugin wird zusätzlich gesponsert von Schönheitsoperation Hannover und Appartment und Ferienhaus am Diani Beach Kenia.

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153 Kommentare zu Featured Content Slider WordPress Plugin

  1. John Myrstad sagt:


    Thanks for releasing a new slider plugin.

    May I ask what your commitment to the plugin development will be ? Are you planning on keeping it up to date, and maybe more features in the future ?

    John Myrstad

  2. finid sagt:

    Nice plugin. Looks really smooth.
    Have you thought about using a jQuery script that will make the slider loop or circular, rather than its current behavior?


  3. Thanks for this nice plugin, i will try on my website !

  4. jonas sagt:

    Hi !

    Nice to see a plugin for wp 2.8 however im having some issues with it.

    also, the one availble from wordpress/extend doesnt work, 404 upon clicking the options. However the one downloaded from here works just fine

  5. Sally sagt:

    Sorry, but it didn’t work for me.

    I successfully installed and activated the plugin. I then clicked on the link that takes you to the options.php file, but it returned a 404 page.

    I have Platinum SEO plug activated and I’m on WordPress 2.8.4

    Any ideas guys?


  6. Jermaine sagt:

    Nice plugin, but a little bit too big for me. Should be possible to say how many posts to be shown in one row. i’d perfer always 3 posts in a row at once.

  7. sagt:

    You wrote this post in your language so I don’t understand at all.
    But this plugin is what I’m lookng for.
    I used to use Featured Content Gallery but it sucks. I also used D13 Slideshow, that plugin was quite good but I don’t like the inteface.
    I’ll try your plugin immediately.

  8. admin sagt:

    Thank you for your Support Questions, I just figured out that I forgot to change some path things in the Plugin available at
    The Problem was that their was already a Plugin called „Featured Content Slider“ so I changed my name to „wp-featured-content-slider“ I forgot to change these paths in my Plugin. Now the one from should be working fine!
    Thank you for your information!

  9. etomyam sagt:

    nice plugin..but why didn’t work with my template…message appeared : Warning: include(/home/myjazman/public_html//wp-content/plugins/featured-content-slider/content-slider.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/myjazman/public_html/wp-content/themes/mytheme/index.php on line 4

  10. kosta sagt:

    Lade das Plugin hoch in den wp-content/plugins Ordner und aktiviere das Plugin in deinem WP-Admin Bereich. Um den Featured Content Slider einzubauen müsst Ihr einfach folgenden Code, an der Stelle wo der Slider auftauchen soll, einbauen.

    WELCHEN CODE ??? 😉

    Unter Einstellungen/Featured Content Slider können Sie in Ihrem Adminbereich, die ID der Kategorie (0 für alle Posts) und die Menge der anzuzeigenden Posts einstellen.

  11. admin sagt:

    Hi Etomyan,

    please download again, from my Page or from
    Now everything should be working fine, it was a path problem.

    Zu Kosta,

    Jetzt ist der Code drin, auf der Seite findest du das ganze auch nochmal, hatte vergessen hier den Code einzufügen! Danke für deinen Hinweis!

  12. Nazaroth sagt:

    Hi, i am looking forward to using this great looking plug-in, but am having difficulty getting it to work. I insert the code to where i want it but i just get the same error as Etomyan above. I downloaded from here and WP but same thing. Also i am unsure what you mean by adding key „Thumbnail“ to posts? Hope you can help or make it clearer for me

  13. admin sagt:

    Allright I’m very sorry (:

    I had the wrong include code for the template file here and at

    Please have a look above and copy the code again, now everything should be working fine!

  14. Benji sagt:

    awesome plugin..question how can i make it autoscroll? or maybe im too blind to see that feature

  15. Noel sagt:

    Works fine. Now, yeah, can you add an autoscroll feature?

    Once the autoscroll is added, I’m integrating this plugin in my blog.

  16. Greg sagt:

    Great Plug-in. But I’ve tried everything to get it to slide. The eps1 and eps2 don’t show up. Does it auto scroll as well?


  17. thomas sagt:


    unfortunately my german is very poor. could tell me where to paste the line of code in my theme?

    i’ve tried in several places and i get a ‚division by zero‘ error.

    don’t know exactly what i’m doing wrong.

    much thanks,


  18. admin sagt:

    Well I think that you pasted a wrong formatted code. Please try to copy paste the code into a normal text editor. You maybe want to add the code directly under your navigation that should look best.

  19. admin sagt:

    Hi Greg,

    I think this is a template problem, but right now I don’t know how to fix that.

  20. Darco sagt:

    Hi! Great idea for plugin, I installed it but I’m wondering is there any way to edit it’s dimensions? I don’t want it across my whole page width, but only in the center collumn which is 550 px wide.

    Thanks in advance!

  21. admin sagt:

    Hi Darco have a look at the Stylesheet which is located in /wp-featured-content-slider/css/slider.css


  22. Greg sagt:

    Thanks for the input. I’ve tried moving it in and out of the div tags to see if that was affecting it. I’ll keep trying until it works. Maybe a path issue?


  23. IrealiTY sagt:

    Hi ^^
    Tolles Plugin, funzt super, nur 1 frage hätt ich da noch:
    Wenn ich den Slider aktiviere zeigt er auf der Startseite nur noch Beiträge an welche in der Kategorie sind welche ich für den Slider bestimmt habe.
    Kann ich das irgendwie so einstellen das er alle Beiträge anzeigt, und der Slider trotzdem nur die eine Kategorie ausliest?

  24. Fabrizio sagt:

    Wonderful Job!!!
    I’m studying how to integrate this plugin in my blog and then will use it definitely. Thank you very much