WP-Creativix is a free premium Business/Portfolio WordPress Theme. This Theme offers everything you will need to use WordPress as an CMS. It supports Custom Fields, has a Portfolio with Lightbox already included, and many more to offer.

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Diese Theme wird zusätzlich gesponsert von: Penthouse, Villa und Ferienhaus am Diani Beach in Kenia

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  1. MJk sagt:

    Very beautiful and useable theme, thank you for building it, and also for building such useable plugins.

    However, I runned the problem with this theme: the porfolio page seems to be broken (#sub-column’s margin-top seems to be only 50px and that is breaking the breadcrumb bar – when I change it to 72+, it is OK)

    Also #searchbutton’s top should -4px instead of 2px (looks to be too in your CSS)

    There is also a parse error in your 404 page:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‚<' in /var/www/web870/html/creativix/wp-content/themes/wp-creativix/404.php on line 12

    Thanks and, please, keep up good work!

  2. MJk sagt:

    Found the prob 🙂

    @ portfolio page you are using image logo, which breaks design

    @ all other sides you are rendering logo via javascript (and everything looks just fine)

  3. admin sagt:

    i’m right now working on the theme, it’s not yet finished.. Just added Javascript Font Support. Will fix bugs soon.
    Which Browser are you using? To me search looks fine.

  4. MJk sagt:

    Hi, I am on latest Firefox, Safari and IE 8 (PC + Mac) combo for testing purposes, here is an screenshot to make things clear 🙂

  5. admin sagt:

    thanks for the screen, seems to have something to do with display resolution.. Need to check that again.

  6. […] genauer ansehen möchte kann sich die WP-Creativix DEMO anschauen oder das Theme direkt auf der Downloadseite herunter laden. Dort findet man weitere Informationen sowie eine kleine […]

  7. Peter H. sagt:

    oops i meant i.e 7 and 8. even on 8 your search button is not aligned correctly

    hope you can work it out, it’s perfect otherwise

  8. Dave sagt:

    Why aren’t the images showing up? In my custom fields section, it’s not called „Key,“ its called „Name.“ Can you help?

  9. Dave sagt:

    Sorry…here’s the link: http://venus.nimbit.com/who-uses-nimbit

    Why aren’t the images showing up? In my custom fields section, it’s not called “Key,” its called “Name.” Can you help?

  10. Hans sagt:

    Hallo There,

    So far I’am verry happy with your Wp creation. A clean and well develloped theme.
    My question?
    On my homepage the first picture in the slideshow is scaled out of proportion. How can i prevent this?

    There is a page called Portfolio on my website. Is it possible to include or exclude posts on this page?

    Thank you,

  11. Norman sagt:


    I love the theme but I am having the same issue as Hans in the message above. In fact, the thumbnails do not appear.

    As the images are landscapes, the stretching is not a problem. Your help is appreciated.



  12. admin sagt:


    there seem to be some problems on your site concerning permissions. Set permission to /wp-content/themes/wp-creativix/ manually to 755 if not done yet.

    Here is the message I get when trying to show the image „remote host „www.edgeoftwilight.com“ not allowed“
    Maybe you shouldn’t use framesets as well (:

  13. Dinno sagt:

    Hi you’re create great theme. But I use Safari browser and found that search button was separate from search box. I donot know how to fix it, Because it work fine on my mozilla.

    I have changed the post featured become 4 post on index page. but I found that „The Last Articles“ part move to the bottom right of the page. How to fix it please?

    Thx 🙂

  14. admin sagt:

    Safari still needs to be fixed, untill that you should use Mozilla (:

    You cannot changing the amount of featured articles on index.php without editing the style.php in the theme. You have to change the width of the container to get 3 or 4 Articles next to each others.


  15. Norman sagt:


    I am a complete newbie when it comes to this – sorry! Where do I change the permissions?



  16. admin sagt:

    well you need to login to your webspace with FTP, and then go to the right directory (themes) and change Permissions to folder wp-creativix to 755 (sometimes its called chmod in FTP Programme)

  17. Norman sagt:


    I have done as you say. The only problem I seem to have is that the thumbnail does not show. Apologies, I did not know I was using framesets (as I say – complete newbie). How do I adjust this?



  18. Monique sagt:

    I’ve changed my permissions but the custom fields still say Name rather than Key. I’m working in Firefox, I’m not sure how to edit these fields. Also, is it possible to change the background with this template?

    Thanks so much, I love the clean professional look of this template.


  19. felix sagt:

    I have the same problem like Norman

  20. admin sagt:

    You really need to check your permissions, wp-creativix folder should be set to 755 to generate thumbnails properly.

  21. Hi
    I think Beautiful themes.
    you have manual for use themes


  22. Ray sagt:

    Great theme! (I’m using version 1.2.4) I’ve personalized the theme settings for the Slideshow and Portfolio but the template is using all of my posts. How can I limit this by categories?

    Also, it would be great to use the Video Lightbox option with this theme! I am thinking of using this theme with video podcasts.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Dan Ballard sagt:

    This WP theme is really great, thanks for putting it together.

    Also MJk thanks for your tip in fixing the searchbutton that is a bit lower. I made the change you suggested and it worked.

    One issue I have not been able to solve yet is, I have been having trouble changing the highlight colour from purple to blue.

    I have gone to the Themes Settings and Adjustments page, entered 0066CC which is the hex colour code for the blue I want to use and it is not changing.

    All the highlighting colour is still purple.

    The website is http://www.nzsc.org.nz

    Am I doing something wrong?