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  1. admin sagt:

    Hi Dan,

    you are not allowed to use letters as hexadecimal Code, so please use a numerical one instead.

  2. Catherine sagt:


    Your theme is incredibly beautiful, and I feel churlish for being critical, but I’m having the same problems as Hans and Norman, in terms of the slideshow images stretching, and also the same problems as Monique and Ray, where specifying categories for the portfolio and the slideshow doesn’t seem to work at all.

    I really love the theme, so if you could offer any advice on how to fix the problems, I’d be eternally grateful!

    Thank you.

  3. admin sagt:

    Hi Catherine,

    yesterday we released a new version (1.3), the category bug is now fixed. If you don’t want to update all files, just replace index.php and search.php with the ones from 1.3

    Against the stretching we cannot do much, just upload images in the right resolution (540x250px)


  4. Catherine sagt:

    Thank you! I think I AM running 1.3. I updated via wordpress last night, and I’ve checked my style.css and that says it’s 1.3… Is there a better way of checking?

    Thank you!


  5. admin sagt:

    So and now? Do the categories (IDs f.e. 1 as Category ID) work for the slideshow and for Portfolio?

  6. Raymond sagt:

    I need more than 10 featured articles. Is it possible to change this into more featured articles e.g. 30?


  7. Anders sagt:

    I have just got a blog and use about 50 different plugins. Thank you very much for your plugin. It complete my website

  8. admin sagt:

    Hi Raymond,
    just go to WP-Admin and Settings -> Read and then change number of articles to be displayed.


  9. laj sagt:


    Please can you tell me how I can add the slideshow on the frontpage? I just can’t work it out and I’ve been trying all afternoon!

    I’ve managed to change the home page image!

    Many thanks.

  10. Sara sagt:

    your template is very very beatiful and easy to manage. Thanks for your job !
    I’d like to notify that with the last release of the template the slideshow in home page work fine with Explorer, but it seem to have some problems with Firefox. That’s happens when I put te category ID. (some thumbnails are show, other no..the articles are correctly shows). Do you suggest something to fix the problem ?
    Thank you very much.

  11. Matze sagt:

    Great theme, but with Safari and Firefox on Mac I have several displaying problems with the slideshow. Didn’t try it on windows yet. Click the link to see what I mean.

    I also cannot download any zip-file from this website, for whatever reason. Is there any chance to get those files unzipped?

    Sorry for all those questions, would be great if you could help to solve them!


  12. Catherine sagt:

    Thank you, but it hasn’t fixed it. I reinstalled the whole update, and it still is using all of my posts in the portfolio on the „Films“ page (even though I have told it to only use the category „Films“).

    On the home page, it is still using all the categories, even though I have told it to only use the category „News“. Is there anything you can suggest to fix it?

    Thank you so much!



  13. Keos sagt:


    I was trying to use this theme. I’m testing right now, and I like it very much.

    BUT, it doesn’t make the small thumbnails in the slideshow. All my directories are 777 (better than 755 :)). And I even create subdirectory cache in scripts directory.

    Can any help me ?

  14. Chris sagt:

    Really love the theme, but I’m having the same issues with writability. I have even gone so far as to reset all my WP files to 755 and it hasn’t made a difference. I’m still not able to edit content in either my apparence editor or theme settings. It’s even stumped my server host. Any further advice would be appreciated!


  15. oscar sagt:

    Very nice theme! Thanks!
    All works, but i have one question:
    In the top, the slideshow works and all is good. CustomFields-ok.

    But in the field with „latest articles“ i don´t want to show the pictures that i (i think) setted with the custom field.
    Can i remove these just in the below field?

    Thank you for an answer!

  16. admin sagt:

    Hi Katherine,
    you have to put category ID in the field not the category name.

    Hi Keos,
    777 is not better than 755 it is not secure, so use 755 instead and it should work

    Hi oscar,
    just have a look at the index.php in wp-creativix, somewhere below there is a code snippet wich adds images under the featured articles, remove this lines.

  17. Keos sagt:

    Hi, Iwebix,

    I found the prob with the thumbnails. I was trying to use pictures from other site (where I usually keep my pictures).

    You have to keep your pictures on the same site with your WordPress site.

    OTH, It is a very big distance from header (where is Home,Imprint and contact) and menubar. Also the icon for search is not in line with the search box.

    Maybe you can have a look at http://www.cinetesupara.ro and see the difference.

    BTW, your theme is gorgeus. 😀

  18. Catherine sagt:

    I found it! Thank you so much, the theme looks amazing!



  19. laj sagt:

    Maybe someone could take a look at the site http://www.medicalalertjewellery.co.uk/index/ and tell me why the images aren’t appearing in the slide show?

    I’ve put them as Featured and blog with the links from the media library but all I’m getting is the red x in a box?

    This is beginning to drive me nuts so any help would be very appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  20. Phil P sagt:

    Hi there,

    Love this theme it is beautiful. Thank you.

    I have issues only with the layout at the top: I fixed the search graphic offset problem by editing the figure in both styles and ie (both needed different entries).

    I am still seeing some anomalies though. With the menu bar. On some types of page it appears close (almost overlapping) the top of the actual page. This is opposite way round in IE and Firefox.

    I tried editing but it was getting very confusing. I also tried reducing the margin at the top which worked fine in Firefox but destroyed IE.

    If you need some more precise info please let me know. (this was with latest version today 16 March).

    Thank you again.


  21. Matze sagt:

    @laj: I had the same problem. Probably it’s because the filename is too long. When I used a link to my picture that was longer than 2 lines in the „value“ box, it wouldn’t work. Try renaming your pictures and give them a shorter name.
    Hope that works for you.

  22. admin sagt:

    Hi Phil,
    please update to 1.4 – There you have the option to select a custom Name for the Logo which is too long in your case – thats why the navbar is destroyed!

  23. Hi,

    I’m giving your theme a whirl and I quite like it, but I’m having the above mentioned problem with the search graphic; it shows up fine in Firefox, but Chrome and IE, which I’ve tried it with, don’t display it correctly.

    Otherwise, it’s very nice. Good job.

  24. didim sagt:

    well done looks so good and cant wait to mention on my http://www.wptemalari.com blog if is ok.