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  1. Kafelnikova sagt:

    I love this theme, It is really nice 🙂
    but I have a problem!!

    How can I get the Slideshow Category ID?

  2. admin sagt:

    Hi Kafelnikova,

    well go to WordPress Admin and go to /articles/categories/ when clicking on a category have a look at the URL, there you can see the Category ID. Now go to themes/theme-settings and paste the category ID in the Slideshow Category ID field.


  3. Jeroen sagt:


    I have the same problem that is mentioned before.
    The scaling of the images for the slideshow is out of proportion ?


  4. gina sagt:

    any way to put a logo in lue of the text on top left?

  5. Philip sagt:

    This is a beautiful theme and absolutely love it.
    My question is, Is there anyway I can add my own graphic logo instead of the javascript creating „text“?
    Please let me know.thanks

  6. Keos sagt:


    On version 1.4, you have the option to set a new value to your logo. But, in the portofolio page it doesn’t apply.

    Also the distance from the top to the menu is very large.

  7. Philip sagt:

    Hi Keos,
    Does that mean it can’t be done? If so, how do I set a new value to my logo?
    Thanks much for your time.


  8. admin sagt:

    Hi Keos,
    thank you for bug-reporting, I’ve just fixed that bug in version 1.4.1 which is now ready for download!

  9. Philip sagt:

    Hi Keos | Admin:
    Now that the bug is fixed!
    How do I set the new value to the logo, and/or How do I set in place an image as the logo vs the text?

    Thanks so much for all your help…

  10. Bob sagt:

    Hi, How do I add a custom logo image into the header?

  11. PDD sagt:

    Yes – great theme, but broken in IE (get little red x’s instead of the image thumbnails).

    The css positioning issues can be fixed by adding your own explorer style sheets (in IE6 it is very broken!)

    You can also add your own logo by editing the header.php file.

    Overall, a good effort for this theme if you’re willing to invest time into it and you know how to fix the issues!

    Looking forward to updated version that is compatible across all browsers.


  12. PDD sagt:

    OK – I fixed the image issue now – You have to ensure the image folder is inside your WP directory – For example the default wp-content/uploads.

    To add your own logo image, you can do so in the header.php file and you can correct CSS position issues in the stylesheets.

    All folks should be using firebug anyhow to make it easy to find the css !

    Tahnks for a great theme

  13. PDD sagt:


    a support forum for your theme would be much appreciated – and then the knowledgebase will grow and discussions can help others.

    Thanks again

  14. Philip sagt:

    Hey guys,
    Any info on how add my own image as the logo?

    Any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much


  15. admin sagt:

    Hi PDD,

    well I think thumbnails not displaying in IE is not a theme problem, because just have a look at http://creativix.iwebix.de all is fine in IE as well! We won’t support IE6 any longer, Microsoft has burried the IE6 as well (: And we are very glad about it!

    We will add a custom Logo Upload form to the theme very soon!

  16. PDD sagt:

    Hi Admin

    Yes, I fixed all the issues now – I was using images outside the theme.

    Hi Philip: You can add your own logo via the header.php file – around line 100, you’ll have to modify the css too – but it sounds like this feature is coming in the next update!

  17. Eckhard sagt:

    great template, however, how can I make use of the BIG white space in top area.
    Is there a way to shrink it. Otherwise it looks just strange.
    I am not intending put but adsense in or something, in case it is make for that.

  18. Keos sagt:


    I have the same problem with that space. I’ve started to modify the CSS, for IE, i manage to modify it nice. Still in firefox there is a little difference from homepage to the next ones.

    I’ve modified in CSS the following value „height“ for #header, „margin-top“ for #logo, and I think „margin-top“ for slider in ie.css

    If anybody made a nice CSS without that space, please tell us also.


  19. Bisnis Pulsa Murah sagt:

    Wow this awesome!!

  20. Martin sagt:

    Eckhard, Keos, I reposotioned navbar a little. Now with equal whitespace above and below navbar. http://reaktor.avasilmi.eu

    (this is test site, changes are frequent.)

  21. dot sagt:

    Dear Admin,

    The design is really nice, thanks.

    I cannot fix the problem of showing the lightbox photos and the photos of the feature articles in the home page.

    You ‚ve mentioned that there is more updated version that we can download. However, when I clicked download of the above zip folders. It cannot be opened even after downloading.

    my site: dottheatre.com

    Kindly advise what can I do?

  22. admin sagt:

    Dear Dot,

    the problem is, you have to chmod the template folder to 755 or 777 to have the thumbnails working, otherwise they cannot be generated.

    Please download latest version from wordpress.org/extend/themes/wp-creativix/


  23. dot sagt:

    Dear admin,
    My version is already 1.4.2.
    Please advise where is the exact link, and how to change the template folder to 755 or 777? what is the difference between 755 and 777?

    As I am not good at editing the html code, can i fix it in the theme setting? or do I have to edit the folder in the „editor“ ?

  24. admin sagt:


    please look for „chmod 755“ and „permissions FTP“ in Google!

  25. dot sagt:

    Checked from the ftp, and all folders are 755 already. The images still cannot be seen.