Plugin Description

WP Glideshow – A revolutionary Javascript Slideshow for WordPress. Highly customizable and wonderful styling options. A must have for every WordPress Installation.

WP-Glideshow now comes with new, even better features! Feature as many posts/pages as you like on any static page you wish. Optionally add an image to every post or page! Order your posts/pages by date or title! Choose from many styling options. Set duration of the slide and choose an effect for the Slideshow! Now including automatic image-resizing with wordpress built-in feature.


Install the Plugin automatically via WordPress Plugin Installation Area or download the newest version of the Plugin right below, extract the files and upload them to your wp-content/plugins folder.

  1. Download newest version from below
  2. Extract and upload to your wp-content/plugins folder
  3. Activate the plugin in WP-Admin
  4. Insert following PHP Snippet in your template file
    <?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-glideshow/glideshow.php');?>
  5. Or you can use [glider] as a placeholder in your Post/Page to insert the Slideshow
  6. Now Edit a Post or a Page and scroll down to „WP-Glideshow Options“ which should be right below your Editor
  7. Choose „Feature in WP-Glideshow“ and set an Featured Image („Feature Image“ when Editing Post/Page)
  8. Now save the post/page and have a look at your Slideshow!
  9. The image will be automatically cutted so that it fits the Slideshow (No need for timthumb anymore – Version 1.1)
  10. You can adjust Settings, Layout under Settings – WP-Glideshow


view DEMO



Thumbnails are being generated automatically via wordpress built-in functionality. There is no need to support timthumb anymore. If you are already using the plugin with images, you will need to regenerate thumbnails (regenerate thumbnails plugin). If you are customizing image-size you will need to regenerate as well!

Enjoy this new Slideshow WordPress Plugin

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85 Kommentare zu WP Glideshow WordPress Plugin

  1. @Sonsey

    paste this to your theme instead of your glide code

    it worked for me

  2. ok the code cant be pasted in. check my website and look at the source guys!

  3. Sonsey sagt:

    Thanks David, I can see it works, and the additional java call in yours that mine doesn’t have, but I can’t see what you actually added to your php code…

  4. (trying to paste the code once again )

    include (ABSPATH . ‚/wp-content/plugins/wp-glideshow/glideshow.php‘);


    add the php markups please.
    and dont bother visiting my site – after all you cant see php script while viewing the source ;/

  5. Sonsey sagt:

    Thanks… and too late… I already bookmarked your site! 😀

  6. Sonsey sagt:

    As an FYI… the rewind_posts() call DIDN’T work on my theme (SEO Basics) however adding a wp_reset_query() DID work…

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  8. Matze sagt:

    Ist es (ohne großen Aufwand) möglich, die Slideshow des creativix-Themes durch das Glideshow-Plugin zu ersetzen?

  9. admin sagt:

    Naja das kommt darauf an wie gut du dich mit PHP auskennst.. Eigentlich musst du im theme nur in der index.php die Slideshow entfernen und WP-Glideshow includen.


  10. Matze sagt:

    Das hört sich ja, meine rudimentären Kenntnisse berücksichtigt, erstmal nicht komplett unmöglich an 😉 Jetzt habe ich aber noch ein zweites Problem: Ich kann die zip-Datei nicht runterladen bzw. auf meinem Mac nicht öffnen. Könnt ihr mir den ungezippten Ordner per Mail schicken?
    Das wäre super!

  11. Oyvind sagt:

    Thanx to the author for a fantastic slide!

    And thanx to David Zwolski and Sonsey for solving my problem 🙂

  12. admin sagt:

    Hi Matze,
    zieh dir mal das zip von der seite ( das sollte funktionieren.

  13. Matze sagt:

    Astrein, vielen Dank!

  14. Freebird sagt:

    Is there any way to get a video (say youtube) in the slide insted of using a picture?

  15. Bastian sagt:

    Das Plugin ist sehr schön – dank dafür.

    Es hat jedoch ein Problem mit einem anderen Plugin verursacht. Es hat die jquery.min.js neu includiert, obwohl jquery bereits includiert war. Eine Entfernung der jquery.min.js hat das Problem gelöst.


  16. Freebird sagt:

    Is there any way to get a video (say youtube) in the slide insted of using a picture?

  17. Hi:

    I have the same query as Freebird (which he has already had to ask twice ;-))

    It would be great if we can have video and audio files too in the glideshow – and not just images.

    Look forward to an answer to my (and Freebird’s) query.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards,
    Anshuman (India)

  18. samavia sagt:

    its a really nice plugin… i was looking for this kind of
    plugin ..finaly i got it 🙂

  19. Hi Dennis:

    Firstly, All the very best for the Quarter Final against Argentina. Hope Ozil, Muller, Klose and Podolsky turn it on again. 🙂

    Secondly, can I have the slider text and the buttons (slide number, previous, next) BELOW the image? If yes, which code is to be tinkered?

    I apologise if the query is too basic. I’m just a journalist.


  20. ubuntuxx sagt:

    ich habe das Plugin aktiviert und den Code in die index.php kopiert.

    Das merkwürdige ist: Dass die Glideshow nicht in der Mitte des Themes angezeigt wird.

    Sondern links aus dem Fenster rausrutscht.

    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dieses Problem zu lösen?

    Habe einen Screenshot von dem Problem gemacht: