Plugin Description:

WP Slideshow is a highly customizable Slideshow Plugin for WordPress. You can add the Slideshow everywhere on your Blog (widget-ready).
The Slideshow displays as many Posts with Images as you like. The best is: You don’t need any knowledges concerning programming, because you can adjust Settings directly in your WordPress Administration Area.

Features of WP Slideshow:

  • Display unlimited Posts with Images
  • Sliding effect with Javascript
  • Widget Ready
  • Navigation through Back & Forward Buttons
  • Nice overlaying Description and Post Title automatically grabbed from your Post

Adjustments in your Administration Area:

  • Choose Category ID for Slideshow
  • Choose number/sort/order of Posts
  • Autorotate on/off (Loop yes or no)
  • Slideshow Speed and Duration
  • Choose a vertical sliding Effect rather than default horizontal Effect
  • Styling: Width, Height, Border, Text length of Description, Color, Font, Mouseovers etc.


Installation is really easy:

  • Upload /wp-slideshow/ to your Plugin directory (wp-content/plugins/)
  • Go to the ‚Plugins‘ Page of your Administration Area and activate the Plugin.
  • Go to Settings/WP Slideshow and customize the Slideshow to your needs.
  • Place
    <?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-slideshow/slideshow.php');?>

      in your template or add it as a Widget in Themes/Widgets.

  • Add Custom Field to your Post with Key „featured“ and Value should be direct link to the image like „“ (without quotation marks).

Things you need to know:

  • You can Insert WP Slideshow everywhere! For Example under your Navigation Bar, in your Footer, Sidebar etc.
  • You don’t have to edit the Stylesheet you can make changes directly in your Administration Panel (Settings –> WP Slideshow)
  • Defautlt Resolution for the pictures is 400×250. Keep in mind that, when you change width and height you have to change the resolution of your Images as well.


Enjoy this lovely Plugin!

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23 Kommentare zu WP Slideshow – WordPress Plugin

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  2. Hello,

    I’m sorry but there is something I don’t understand. What do I hae to write in my page to display the slideshow?


  3. Dimitri GOY sagt:


    Thank’s for your Plugin, it’s great

    Why you don’t use directly this wp_enqueue_script(‚jquery-ui-core‘); in place of <script …

    jQuery is imported in WP.

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  5. pongz sagt:

    why is that i cant see my image?? pls help cuz im a newbie

  6. Mike sagt:

    Work pretty well !
    The problème come from the link 😉
    Thanks !

  7. ikalangita sagt:

    Hello i used this merveillous plugin, and it works on my theme, many thanks for the developper. But i have some pbm : all my links is redirected to the same permalink
    (you can see at : when you click on readmore links of other posts in a différent category, all links are redirected to :

    what is the matter plz? thanks

  8. dian sagt:

    i try to use this plug-in and put it somewhere in my template, but this always broke my layout, any suggestion for me?

  9. Dan sagt:

    Thanks for the plugin! However, your directions say to got to ‚Settings/WP Slideshow‘ to change options. There is no such navigation. Can you tell me how to get to the area to change the width and height of the images?

  10. Alan sagt:

    NICE WORK ! It would be better you add option for “ post id“

  11. paolo sagt:

    I need lots of help please.
    I use the plugin on my space. „premises and property (wp ver2.9.1)
    but i upload to my host … and does not work
    please i neeedddd heeelp


  12. Paul Leighton sagt:

    When you say it can be used everywhere. Can you use it inside a post?

  13. steven adjmi sagt:

    is it possible to remove the borders around the slideshow box? if so, please provide the instruction.

  14. Adam sagt:

    Love the plugin however it breaks lightbox 2 which is an integral part of my theme. I tested using the widget and by entering the php include into my theme, both with the same results where lightbox 2 would stop working alltogether.

    I also found that the duration would not change using the settings page and I had to manually enter it into the javascript file.

    I’m using wordpress 2.9.2

    Once the lightbox issue is resolved I would definetly use this plugin

  15. Adam sagt:

    Just tested with shadowbox and it works fine. I think I’ll switch from lightbox to shadowbox instead.

    Thanks for your efforts in creating this plugin

  16. the plugin works fine, and i can change all the settings, the only „problem“ for me is that it hiddes the drop down menu on my page, how can i fix this? i know its something like the „transparent“ option for flash, but i dont know where to set this, i will appritiate the help.

    thank you

  17. fix it….

    z.index on nav drop down menus

    the plugin is working FINE

    thank you ver much

  18. Tom sagt:

    Thanks for the plugin. Been looking for something like this all day. Everything work perfectly.

  19. Sara Boyce sagt:

    I have tried to upload this plug in – it sounds PERFECT! But it tells me that something is wrong with the file. Is this a problem you know of and has it been fixed? Thank you. Sara

  20. Excellent your plugin. Long ago I was looking for one that rolls the post in the sidebar.

    Thank you.