You are looking for a fancy Slideshow to improve your Blog’s/Website’s Design? This is perfect for you! Front Slider includes as many Featured Posts as you like. You can define a Image for every Post/Page. It shows an excerpt, date, time and number of comments for every Post.
The text and images are sliding smoothly – Front Slider generates nice thumbnails (with wordpress built-in-functions – no timthumb needed) through which can be slided and navigated. By clicking on the big image one gets directly to the featured Post/Page.


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What Front Slider can handle:

  • Displays unlimited Posts/Pages including Images and Thumbnails
  • Fancy sliding effect with Javascript
  • Navigation through Back & Forward Buttons
  • Nice excerpt, title, date and time showing
  • Select Posts/Pages to show easily through checkbox on edit/publish post/page
  • Optionally choose categories to show
  • Adjust width/height/colors/speed/maximum posts

Ways to customize Front Slider:

  • Choose number of Posts/Pages
  • Order/Sort
  • Autorotate on/off
  • Slider Speed and Duration
  • Styling: Width, Height, Border, Text length of Description, Color etc.


  1. Upload /front-slider/ to your Plugin directory (wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Go to the ‚Plugins‘ Page of your Administration Area and activate the Plugin.
  3. Go to Settings/Front Slider and customize the Slider to your needs.
  4. Add shortcode [frontslider] to any post/page or
  5. place
    <?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/front-slider/front-slider.php');?>

    anywhere in your template file.

  6. Choose posts/pages easily through a checkbox that is placed directly under the editor (edit/publish backend).
  7. Regenerate your Thumbnails with „Regenerate Thumbnails“ – Plugin.


Enjoy this lovely Plugin!

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43 Kommentare zu Front Slider WordPress Plugin

  1. brian Abella sagt:

    is video allowed in the slide? like youtube video ?

  2. Marcelo sagt:

    Will this only display posts? Or can I choose images and show on a page? Thanks.

  3. Andy sagt:

    Danke für das Plugin und die Anleitung,
    werde ich sicherlich das nächste mal benutzen !

  4. webbyidea sagt:

    Wow!! What a slider plugins!!
    Really i like it, i use it just now to my site.
    thanks hope you will continue….

  5. mima73 sagt:

    i just installed the plugin, it s working well, thanks.

  6. Ruhul sagt:

    Thanks for excellent plugin. I want to use this slider for custom post. Can you help me for that?

    Thanks Again.

  7. boblet sagt:

    Greetings – I have your wonderful slider on two sites. As you just released 2.2 update, that broke the one I updated. Now, there is no sliding, just raw html with tiny pics in a long list down the page. I have tried to delete, reinstall, but no luck. The site where I have not updated, works fine :-S help?

  8. GADEL sagt:

    Thanks a lot for this nice plugin. I needed it badly. Cheers!

  9. azmoon sagt:

    i placed [frontslider[ in body of text /

    it is a beilliant slider . thanks alot

  10. Kevin Vitali sagt:

    I am using the Open Hook Plugin. Is there anyway to make this page specific…. My home page is my post page and wanted to run before content….

  11. Yuhan sagt:

    Very clever!

    Is it possible that the four small thumbnails display the title of the corresponding post?


  12. Olivier sagt:

    I would like to add an option in the administration that would allow me to check or uncheck the Slider directly post the „All items“ in a column.
    I do not know the code by myself, if somebody could look at it, I think it’s a great idea for a Plugin excellet!
    I apologize for my English, thank you Google translation ^ ^
    Thank you in advance

  13. Rosendo Cuyasen sagt:

    This is a worthwhile slider. I’m happy that you’ve shared a good slider that you have made for free. Thank a lot..

  14. Mudasir sagt:

    Wow it s the one I was looking for,,Thanks to developer

  15. Ahmad sagt:

    really amazing slider using it for my site 🙂

  16. thanks so so much it works fine 🙂

  17. Pedro sagt:

    Great plugin!! thank you

  18. anthony sagt:

    beautiful plugin.

    just one question, if there is a way to show also the article title, under the small thumbnail scroll.
    my layout is:
    left medium thumb, right article title and content, and under it are small thumbnail scroll?..