WP-Creativix is a free premium Business/Portfolio WordPress Theme. This Theme offers everything you will need to use WordPress as an CMS. It supports Custom Fields, has a Portfolio with Lightbox already included, and many more to offer.

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  1. dot sagt:

    If I want to simply take aware the slide show photos, and the article photos on the main page, what script should I delete in the WP editor? Many thanks!! Sorry that I asked so many questions.

  2. admin sagt:

    Do you use images from the same domain where creativix is running? The script can only use local images.

  3. admin sagt:

    Try 777 as chmod for the folder!

  4. asc sagt:

    I’m trying to get thumbnails working as well & cannot seem to manage it. I’ve checked & rechecked permissions (tried both 755 & 777) & cannot get it working. Any ideas?

  5. asc sagt:

    How about this….is there a way to manually set the thumbnail image for each post? I can see where they need to go & the size, I would just need to know what the naming scheme would be.

  6. admin sagt:

    Another Problem could be that you use images that are not from the same domain as your wp-creativix installation. This is rejected by the thumb generator for security reasons.


  7. asc sagt:

    My images are within the wp-content/uploads folder. They are sized correctly & in .jpg format.

  8. JackD sagt:

    Great looking theme! Thanks a lot!

    But also I am running into the thumbnail issues. Chmod is 755, altered it to 777, no change. Changed it back to 755. The pictures are in the /images folder of the theme. The check on the chmod in WordPress says thumbnails support are enabled and working. But…no thumbnails. I use WordPress 2.9.1 with the dutch language.

    Otherwise everything works perfectly for me.

  9. Keos sagt:

    Dear Martin,

    Could you please share the actual css you made for your theme ?


  10. John Tanner sagt:

    I love this theme… its perfect for my personal application!! Thank you…

    I am having a little issue with the „Featured“ thumbnails – when I post a thumbnail for a featured post, it freezes the java scrolling the featured articles in the topbox portion of the slideshow…

    Can you offer any suggestions? I know the image directory permissions are ser correctly, any advice would be appreciated.

  11. asc sagt:

    Can the thumbnails be set up manually? I would just need to know the naming protocol.

  12. Great theme, i like the style and changing some of this theme. But I still get the problem with portfolio page, the page navi couldn’t be moved to the left bottom of the page. it’s always replace a post box on the right bottom.


  13. admin sagt:

    Hi Iwan,
    You should try to add a container div around the Page Navigation and give it a clear: both; float: left;
    This should fix it!


  14. electric sagt:

    Let me start off by thanking you for this theme – it is beautiful. However, I’m having the same issues with the thumbnails.

    *All of my images are in the /images folder of the theme (does it matter if they are each in a separate sub folder? Might as well ask as everything else is in order according to your post)

    *script and cache folders are 777 permission

    I’m really not sure what else to do at this point. I even deactivated all of my plugins to make sure there wasn’t some sort of compatibility issue and that was a no-go.

    Some help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Pdd sagt:

    Hi Admin

    Pause on hover ?

    Is there any way to add a pause on hover on the main slideshow image gallery front page?


  16. Pdd sagt:

    Hello again

    Is there any way to be able to format the text that is displayed in the right hand side panel on the main slideshow? Formatting (carriage returns and line breaks) and hyper links seem to get stripped.


  17. How do you change the background on this theme? …i want to change it from the default white background?!

  18. Roger sagt:

    I know that you have heard this often, but my thumbnails are broken too. (The slideshow works.)

    I checked what you listed —

    1. Permissions are correct at 755.

    2. The images were uploaded using WordPress, so I know they are in the right directory.

    3. The slideshow works, so I know the Featured setting is correct AND that the category ID is correct.

    Help? I am really stuck.


  19. Köln | Dialog sagt:

    Wirklich eindrucksvoll – Kompliment!

  20. kokkie sagt:

    Dear admin

    i love this theme.
    unfortunately the thumbails will not show =( . The folder rights are tested with 777 and 755, both without success.

    Some idea what i can check so that will works?

  21. sasch sagt:

    das ist wirklich ein ganz tolles Theme aber ich habe ein Problem und kann es einfach nicht lösen:

    Der more-tag macht nicht was er soll. Das heißt er funktioniert schon insoweit das der Artikel abgekürzt wird, aber es erscheint kein „weiterlesen“-Link. Warum?

    in der single.php hab ich bereits angepasst. An anderen Stellen gibt es ja kein Oder ist das schon das Problem?

    Ich verzweifel bald…
    LG sasch

  22. freek sagt:

    Hi, thank you for your great theme. I would like to have the option that my new articles/blog posts are not be used fot the thumbnails underneath the slider. now each new post addsa thumb under the slider, I cannot find where that can be turned off. I would like to see for example only the latest post there, or a general pic/thumb leading to the overall blog page.

    Is this easy possible?

    Thanks very much in advance.

    Best regards,


  23. wyrd sagt:

    Hi, I love the theme but I have two problems:
    1. I can’t find a way to change the hight for the slider images. I have no idea what is forcing the size – it is not the image dimentions definition itseld but something to do with the slider.
    2. The slider loads in a pretty ugly way – with two posts being shown one above the other. Once the page loads completely it all looks fine but during page loading it seems messy. How can one change the loading parameters, so that the slideshow loads only once everything is set into place?